Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. Those Red Shirts

    Most of the time, American civil war collections are mostly blue and grey. Those were the most common colors used for the uniforms by the Union and Confederates. It is true that the lack of resources from the South was leading to very disparate looks, but they were still mostly grey. However, there are some exceptions in the Northern states and the 11th New York Infantry Regiment was one of them. Those men were red and such is the case with the latest JJ-11NY-14 by John Jenkins!

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  2. A Simple Towel

    A good toy soldier can be more than a simple visual object. When looking at a good piece other senses are stimulated too and you can almost hear the sound of the fires shot at the enemies, the noise of the clashing blades or even the songs of a march played on a fifer. In some cases, you can even feel what it is to be there. This is exactly what King and Country succeeded to do this month with one figure from the VN109 - MARINES ON PATROL set.

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