About Us

David & Joany

Shipping toy soldiers around the world since 1997

Born out of an interest in military history, the pleasure of collecting and in order to share his passions, the Toy Soldiers' Club was founded in 1997. Our business vision is based on developing relationships with collectors in order to guarantee quality service with each interaction. From these relationships, our experts will then be able to guide you to the best choices and help you assemble your miniature army.

The toy soldier figures available at Toy Soldiers' Club are made by two of the largest manufacturers in this domain: King & Country and John Jenkins Designs. We keep in stock a wide selection of miniature in 1:32 (50mm) and 1:30 (54mm) scales.

Located within the fortified district of Old Québec, our store contains museum-quality dioramas covering various time periods from 1260 BC to 1975. If you like military history as much as our team does, a visit to Quebec is worth a detour. Our team will be happy to serve you.

Why choose ToySoldiers' Club?

  • Friendly approach
  • A team of experts in history and miniatures
  • Personnalized advises based on your interests
  • Repair service
  • Located in the fortified historic district of Old Quebec
  • The highest quality toy soldiers available
  • Human and family values