Monthly Archives: June 2021

  1. God Save the Land Rover!

    Until recently, bringing Aussie infantry to the front in the Vietnam series by King and Country was a bit of a pain; Their only option was to walk. But luckily for them (and for the collectors too) a new version of the Land Rover was released in June 2021. Behold the VN118 - The Patrol / General Service Land Rover!

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  2. How do you like your vikings?

    Ask a person if he likes vikings and chances are high that he will say “Yes!”. Everybody likes vikings. However, with all the different movies, tv shows, video games and various cultural influences, everybody seems to have a different representation of what a viking is. For those who like historically accurate vikings, the latest JJ-VIK-21B - Viking Warrior Charging by John Jenkins Designs will most likely please them.

    The first thing to look at on this character is

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  3. Top 5 Battle of Normandy Pieces 2021

    During World War Two, June 44 was quite a busy month. On June 6th, the allies landed in Normandy and so began the Operation Overlord. This episode, also known as Battle of Normandy, ended on august 30th, a few days after the liberation of Paris. Naturally, such important events inspired many toy soldiers. So, to commemorate special month, here is my personal top 5 favorite items related to the Battle of Normandy that are currently available.

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  4. Do you remember that sailor from Stalingrad?

    Maybe you have noticed something special about this figure from First Legion, something vaguely familiar. His heroic pose, those over dramatic wounds, the grenade as the only weapon, the iconic striped shirt and sailor hat… If this rings any bell to you, you are right. The RUSSTAL061 - Russian Sailor With Grenade Bundle is based on a soviet propaganda poster!

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