Monthly Archives: March 2021

  1. Monthly topic

    Collecting toy soldiers usually comes from a mix of various interconnected passions where toy soldiers are a bit of a capstone. So when collectors gather, they also talk about history, war movies, reenactment, experience in the army, military music, museums… Now that we do have a new website with a blog, we figured that we could have some fun exploring all those other passions that make toy soldiers collecting so fascinating!
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  2. Review of the Week

    As you can see, we now have a brand new website! Amongst the new features, you will notice this blog section. In these days where social contacts need to be reinvented, we wanted to find a way to keep the contact between you and us, your toy soldier counsellor. And so, this is with the help of technologies that we will remain close to you! This way, we will be able to exchange with you like we would have done in store, talking of detailson pieces and remembering marking events of history.
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