Dear fellow collectors,

As you can see, we now have a brand new website! Amongst the new features, you will notice this blog section. In these days where social contacts need to be reinvented, we wanted to find a way to keep the contact between you and us, your toy soldier counsellor. And so, this is with the help of technologies that we will remain close to you! This way, we will be able to exchange with you like we would have done in store, talking of detailson pieces and remembering marking events of history.

In view to make those exchanges more dynamic and have some fun, we want to present you one of our favorite figures each week.We will select toy soldiers amongst the new releases and the old classics. The chosen item will be described for its artistic and historical details. Of course, this will lead to casual drifting on other subjects such as war movies or musical pieces related to the topic. We aim to surprise and entertain you in all simplicity.

To give breath to this project, we need your help! We hope to create a space to start discussions and exchange, so your contribution will be welcomed. To reach as many people as possible, we will share those blog entries on our facebook page. We count on you to subscribe to our page if this is not already done. With your comments and contributions, we will adjust and rework our presentations to connect with the community. Let us entertain you by our collaborations with guests, by our informal content and by our commun passion: the toy soldiers.