Collecting toy soldiers usually comes from a mix of various interconnected passions where toy soldiers are a bit of a capstone. So when collectors gather, they also talk about history, war movies, reenactment, experience in the army, military music, museums… Now that we do have a new website with a blog, we figured that we could have some fun exploring all those other passions that make toy soldiers collecting so fascinating!

Each month, a new topic related to the current time of the year will be casually examined and see how it connects to those various passions and, of course, to the world of toy soldiers. Like the Review of the Week, exchanges about those topics will be accessible through our facebook page, allowing collectors to bring their participation and connect with each other. After all, we are a Toy Soldiers Club, aren’t we?

We are already looking forward to start this project and have fun with our fellow collectors. As the time will pass, please, feel free to send us feedback about this new blog section. We consider this section as a virtual playground and we hope that together, we will find the best way to use it.

The Toy Soldiers’ Club Team