WoD061 - Professor James Moriarty

Professor Moriarty is a fictional character in several of the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Moriarty is a criminal mastermind of the first order, described by Holmes himself as the ‘Napoleon of crime’. Based on the nefarious activities of an actual, late-Victorian criminal Conan Doyle introduced ‘Moriarty’ initially to ‘kill-off’ his most famous creation.

However, much as he wanted to eliminate Holmes he also discovered that his readership very much appreciated the appearance of this dastardly evil opponent to the world’s most brilliant detective.

Over the years as Sherlock Holmes popularity grew so too did Professor James Moriarty’s appearances multiply in other books, films and television series.

Wherever you find Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson... Professor Moriarty is sure to follow.

Here then is K&C’s interpretation... We see a tall, elegant, saturnine figure, black cane in one hand while his other hand is behind his back... In that hand he holds a deadly revolver.

Well, we told you he was dangerous... and devious!
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Years Late 19th Century
Celebrities All Celebrities, Actors, Civilians, Fictional Characters
Gender Men
Role Civilians
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