WH096 - The Normandy Dispatch Rider

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Toy Soldiers Club is not supporting nazi ideologies nor wants to promote them. Those historical figures are available here because we need them to explain all the horrors mankind faced during World War Two. Without showing them, the sacrifices and efforts made by a whole generation of people living in allied countries would just make no sense. Plus, we hope that using those figures in a proper context could serve as a tool to teach the future generations the danger of such ideologies. Like Winston Churchill once said when paraphrasing Santayana, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

In the days and weeks following the invasion of June 6, 1944, Allied troops quickly came to appreciate just how deadly and fiercely their German opponents defended their positions and almost brought the American, British and Canadian advance to a grinding halt.
Although vastly outnumbered in the air and even on the ground the German army fought with a grim determination borne of their experience on the battlefields of the Soviet Union and the Italian Front.
A Wehrmacht Dispatch Rider on his Italian-made motor bike halts temporarily to avoid the patrolling Allied fighter bombers that made movement between different German units almost impossible during daylight hours in the Normandy campaign.
The rider himself is a veteran of the fighting in Italy as he wears Italian-pattern camouflage trousers.
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Years Mid 20th Century
Vehicles Motorcycles
Gender Men
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