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JJ-USCHART01 - US Artillery crew

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The Battle of Chippawa, 5th July 1814

US Corps of Artillery, 3 Crew Loading

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At the height of the War of 1812, the three regular army foot artillery regiments were consolidated into a single Corps of Artillery.

This change eliminated the inequalities that had existed between the three regiments. The first regiment was considered a part of the permanent peace establishment. The other two regiments belonged to the “additional military force” created by Congress in 1812. Officers could be promoted only within their respective regiments, and the new consolidation was to aid the morale and the tactical employment of the artillery as a whole.

By 1814 the differences between the uniforms of the three regiments had also been eliminated. All the units of the Corps of Artillery now had the plain dress established by the regulations of May 1st, 1813.

(Canon JJ-USCHGUN01 not included)
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