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JJ-GWB-40 - BL 60-Pounder


JJ-GWB-34 - 2 Artillery Crew

JJ-GWB-35 - 2 Artillery Crew And Accessories




Number 1: Commands the 'gun' (howitzer). Selects ground for gun platform. Lays for elevation and passes angle for dial sight and deflection to No.4. Supervises ramming and gives order to fire. Fits and removes rocking bar sight with No.4.

Number 2: Opens and closes the breech. Inserts tubes in the vent. Fires the gun. Operates the rapid elevating gear, putting the gun in and out of loading position (7½0 elevation ). Applies right brake as soon as the gun laying is complete (unless girdles are fitted). Attends to the right brake when traveling (horse-drawn batteries). Removes and replaces muzzle and breech covers. Assists No.3 in lifting and traversing the trail.

Number 3: Rams home the round (with No.5). Uncaps fuzes. Applies left brake as soon as laying is complete (unless girdles are fitted). Attends to the left brake when traveling (horse-drawn batteries). Assists No.2 in lifting and traversing the trail.

Number 4: Lays(aims) the gun, with No.1. Removes and replaces sight cover. Assists No.1 fitting rocking bar sight. Clamps dial sight, fits clinometer. Directs No.6 planting night-picket and aiming posts.

Number 5: Rams home the round (with No.3). Assists No. 10 cleaning and fuzing shells.

Number 6: Prepares, fetches and loads cartridges. Plants night-firing picket (with No.9) and aiming posts. Assists No.7 clearing the spade when choked.

Number 7 and 9: Assist No.10 preparing shells. Carry shells to the gun. No.7 assists No.6 to clear the spade when choked. No.9 plants picket with No.6.

Number 8: (an NCO) Prepares charges (cartridges) and groups by lots. Keeps record of charges.

Number 10: Issues shells, and issues tubes to No.2. Ensures shells are clean and fuzed.

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Manufacturer John Jenkins Designs

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