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JJ-GLT-06N - Ottoman Infantry Firing Set #1


JJ-GLA-20 - Hand to Hand Set#1

JJ-GLT-08 - Ottoman Grenade Catapault



The Turkish made “Ball” grenade was used extensively throughout the Gallipoli campaign.
This was the standard type of grenade used by the Turkish Army at Gallipoli during the First World War. The matchhead was struck on an abrasive igniter carried by each bomber, which lit the five-second fuze. Initially, ten-second fuzes were used, but these sometimes allowed the British and Australian troops to return the bomb to the Turkish trenches.”

These were employed by a specific trained unit of soldiers, usually the Pioneers/Engineering companies that existed as a separate branch under the pre-war establishment.

There are photographs showing Turkish grenade soldiers (engineers) using the British designed Leach Trench Catapult (sometimes called a Leach-Gamage Catapult). These had an effective range of 200yds.

Over 150 were made in 1915, and sold by the Gamages department store in Central London.
Copies of the Leach Catapult were also made locally by the Royal Engineers during the Gallipoli Campaign.

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