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GERSTAL020 - German Artillery Observation Team


GERSTAL003 - Heer Infantry

GERSTAL009 - Combat Pioneer Demo Team



GERSTAL009 - German Combat Pioneer Demoltions Team "Creating New Doors" - Stalingrad 1942

Prior to the start of Operation Hubertus in early November 1942, the Germans flew into Stalingrad 5 pioneer battalions specially trained in the art of streetfighting. It was thought that with these reinforcements, the Stalingrad issue could once and for all be brought to a successful conclusion. These battalions primarily saw action in the northern factory district, most specifically in the famous Tractor Factory and the Red Barricades ordinance factory. Often during the fighting, the Russians had so heavily fortified the buildings which they were defending, it was impossible for the Germans to gain physical entry to them with their assualt groups. Two such buildings were the famous Apotheke (the Apoethecary) and the Commissar's House just behind the Barrikady. In the words of Hauptmann Rettenmaeier who commanded the assault of 1/Pioneer Battalion 45 and elements of Sturmcompanie 44 against the Apotheke:

" The most important thing was to create new openings into the house. We had the means for it. Enormous explosive charges would be positioned and detonated at the scheduled time."

Under cover of darkness, the Pioneers stole up to the outside of the building, placed their charges, and then ran detonation cable back to their positions. Once detonated, the Russians were taken completely by surprise and the Pioneer Assault Groups made use of the "new doors" and the Apotheke fell. One more building taken in a battle measured in the conquest of individual rooms. A step closer to the Volga.

First Legion is pleased to present you the specialist Pioneer Battalions that took part in the battle of Stalingrad and with GERSTAL009 - Pioneer Demolitions Team we bring you the first of our recreation of the German Pioneers. Included in this superb set are four German Pioneers -two setting charges, one running detonation cable, and a Gefreiter inserting the key into the detonation socket. Now you too can faithfully recreate the action at the Battle of Stalingrad with these seldomly produced troops!

60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the World War II product range.

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