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TYW009 - Polish Winged Hussar Attacking with Sword


TYW026 - Polish Winged Hussar with Hussar Battle Standard

TYW025 - King Jan III Sobieski



TYW025 - King Jan III Sobieski

King Jan (John) III Sobieski was King of Poland, as well as Grand Duke of Lithuania. Famous for his prowess as a military commander, despite inheriting a Polish state ravaged by years of constant war, his most famous victory came at the Battle of Vienna in 1683 against the Ottoman Turks. After a full day of battle, Sobieski led none other than the Polish Winged Hussars along with other allies in a massive charge shattering the Ottoman battle line. He was hailed as the Savior of Vienna for his role in the battle.

60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the Thirty Year's War product range.

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