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NAP0527 - British Rocket Troop Mounted Private


NAP0530 - French ADC Orderly Officer to the Emperor

NAP0529 - French Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bessieres



NAP0529 - French Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bessieres

Marshal Bessieres was one of those who had served with Napoleon since the very beginning as a captain in Bonapartes Army of Italy and on the Egyptian expedition. At Marengo he served with the Consular Guard and was promoted to Marshal of France in 1804. He participated in all of the major campaigns including the Peninsula until he was killed by a cannonball just a few days after the start of the 1813 campaign. As one of Napoleon's closest friends, the Emperor took his death very hard and he was yet another example of the dilution through combat losses of the effectiveness of the once great Grande Armee.

60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the Napoleon's Europe product range.

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