Price Match Guarantee

We match any price!

The Toy Soldiers' Club guarantees the same price as the one displayed by the competitors in Canada and in the USA!

If you find a lower price elsewhere for the specific soldier, send us the URL or an image of the product with the price visible. If we have the item in stock, the same price will be offered by our business.

Terms and conditions

  • Does not apply to the retired and damaged items.
  • Price comparison must be in US dollars.

The Toy Soldiers' Club will not guarantee the same premiums or gift deals, special offers, discounts, financing offers, clearance prices or discontinued as those offered by competitors or their prices on items second hand, damaged, returned, demos or whose case has been opened.

Moreover, the Toy Soldiers' Club will not offer the same price as the competitor who embarks on a price war. The Toy Soldiers' Club was selected by suppliers and therefore has the privilege to offer their quality products; this implies that certain rules should be applied. To prevent the "dumping", the Toy Soldiers' Club is committed to respect their "list of minimum sale price."