NAP0388 - French 1st L.I. Vignette

NAP00388 - French 1st Light Infantry Wounded Corporal with Cantinières Vignette- Waterloo 1815

The Cantinières held special a special commision with a battalion or regiment to sell goods at fair prices to the soldiers beyond their normal rations. They were required to be married to a soldier of the regiment and in our vignette below, we can see her helping a soldier who is presumably her husband as he is trying to steal a kiss from her! Or perhaps her husband has been killed and the soldier is making his move as Cantinieres would often remarry a different soldier from the regiment in this event in order to retain the commission. On another note, this is the first female figure we have ever produced. We certainly hope you enjoy it!

60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the Napoleon's Europe product range.
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