JJ-YORK-27N - Yorkist Billmen

The Royalist Army was led by King Richard III. Richard's most loyal subject was John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk. The duke had served Richard's brother for many years and was one of Edward IV's closer confidantes, he was a military veteran, having fought in the Battle of Towton in 1461 and served as Hastings' deputy at Calais in 1471.

Richard formed his army into three divisions or 'battles", The Vanguard or main "battle" was under the command of the Duke of Norfolk, the main body was led by Richard, and the rearguard under the command of the Earl of Northumberland

Most infantry who were not archers, were armed with staff weapons, notably the bill. This was a weapon derived from an agricultural implement, and usually had a stabbing blade, a curved cutting surface down one side, and a hook, which was useful in pulling riders from their mounts.
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