AR075 - Guardsman Marching

Protecting the Commander-In-Chief of the relatively young Continental Army was the special duty of a small, carefully selected body of infantry and cavalry.

In March 1776 it was decided that a reinforced company of soldiers should be formed to guard the headquarters and person of General Washington himself. These men were to be recruited from a cross-section of the best-trained and disciplined infantrymen and troopers of the Continental Army. Each recruit had to be American-born and at least 5'9" tall! He also must be of "good-character" and have a "soldierly-bearing".

Once a recruit was accepted he received a brand-new uniform of a dark blue coat with buff facings.a handsome red waistcoat.all topped off with a dragoon-type cap with a blue and white feather plume on the side.Quite a "dandy". But these "Dandies" could fight also and Washington ensured that they were not only a "guard" unit.They saw a fair bit of action too!
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